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The EOX Vantage company was founded by Harsha and Sudhir

How We Came To Transform Business Operations

Harsha Chaturvedi and Sudhir Achar founded the company in 2004

Our Beginning

Sudhir Achar and Harsha Chaturvedi founded Vantage Agora in 2004. They offered back-office solutions to help companies transform business operations with enhanced efficiency. And this still exists in our business today through our Managed Services team. We support companies with processes they would prefer to outsource. This enables them to focus more on strategy, core business activities and customer-facing tasks that grow revenue.

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How We Came to Transform Business Operations

With our growth, we needed to operate more efficiently and transparently. Instead of relying on external solutions, we built our own business operating system; now our proprietary Enterprise Operating System (EOX). It is a suite of unified cloud-based apps that we, and our clients, use to manage business operations all in one secure place. By pulling data from disparate sources, the EOX helps our clients make better informed decisions, as well as gain visibility, control and operational intelligence.

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The EOX provides the tools to enhance business operations
EOX Vantage enhances operational efficiencies

The EOX Vantage Story

Following the success of our Enterprise Operating System (EOX), we underwent a renaming and rebranding in 2019. We became EOX Vantage and rebranded as a software company with associated services.

EOX is an abbreviation for Enterprise Operating System. “Vantage” was kept from our old name because it means “a good viewing point.” Our name refers to the excellent organization-wide visibility afforded by our product.

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Our Company Today

We are now a recognized global leader in providing digital transformation solutions. We help companies enhance their competitive edge in the market through:

  • increased efficiencies,
  • communication and collaboration,
  • digitization of processes and
  • automating workflows.

Together, our product and solutions help companies reduce the time and resources it takes to operate more efficiently and improve business operations.

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