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Sexual Harassment Policy

Zero Tolerance to Sexual Harassment at EOX Vantage 

As per the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act, 2013 in India, EOX Vantage has constituted Internal Committee (“IC”) in all the branches across India.

We believe in zero tolerance of Sexual harassment at the workplace for all employees / suppliers / customers / contractors / visitors etc. We also have a strong governance mechanism in the form of POSH Internal Committee “IC”, to prevent, prohibit and redress any complaints of sexual harassment. For any clarifications or queries on sexual harassment, please write to / Our Internal committee is headed by Ms. Dhanya Hegde, Program Director, and includes other Internal Senior members and External Members as part of the Investigative Council.

We follow a Fair, Unbiased and Gender-Neutral approach in the redressal of all such complaints. Complaints received are classified and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken ranging from a warning to termination of employment, as the case may be. We strongly believe in promoting a culture of mutual respect for all.

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