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Client Services Representative Team

Professional, Reliable Services

EOX Vantage’s experienced, trained client services professionals make hundreds of daily calls for our clients, both inbound and outbound, with the capacity to scale up the volume for your requirements. Our call center services complement and support the Managed Services team to cover all your needs around the world and around the clock, 24/7.

Satisfaction for our clients and their customers is our top priority.

Use your own system to track calls and related activities, or we offer tracking and reporting through our Enterprise Operating System (EOX). We provide outstanding service in the option that best fits your needs.

Client Service Representative supporting inbound call volume

Our Staff

The EOX Vantage Client Services Representative team is located at our company headquarters in Beachwood, Ohio, and staffed by dedicated professionals. They bring years of customer service expertise to the call center. Their wealth of knowledge, experience, and reliability can give you a competitive edge in supplying call support and remote deliverables.

Services Include, But Are Not Limited To:

Inbound Calls

Outbound Calls


Email Management

Order Tracking

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