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Tech-Enabled Solutions

Powered by innovation, EOX Vantage offers a variety of unique solutions tailored to specific business challenges. From real-time analytics to AI-powered automation to people-centric services, we provide data visibility and control. 

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For any business, visibility and communication challenges arise when multiple platforms are used, especially outdated ones. With a built-in set of industry-standard Software as a Service (SaaS) features, EOX Vantage’s Enterprise Operating System provides a unique solution that continues to resolve business challenges. 

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Enterprise Operating System

Our patented technology platform helps you organize and manage all components of your organization. 


Automation capabilities include artificial intelligence, robotic process automation (RPA) and cognitive learning. 

Build Your Solutions

Our software can be used to build low-code applications, forms, workflows and dashboards to create client-specific tailored solutions.

300+ Pre-Built APIs

The Enterprise Operating System comes with 300+ pre-built APIs, allowing organizations to view and interact with all of their data in one place without ever leaving the platform. 

Operational Intelligence

Real-time, actionable dashboards bring data together from multiple sources, providing insightful updates on the status of an organization’s key metrics. 

Omni-Channel Communication

Foster effective communication using interactive features including chat, project comments and company-wide announcements. 

Virtual Staffing

With a global workforce, we have the unique capability to scale our teams to match the requirements of projects and support needs precisely. The goal is to increase efficiency, elevating our clients’ business from the competition. 

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Managed Services

Boost operations with the support of data entry & data management, quality assurance, talent performance analysis and a US-based client service center. 


Our dedicated team handles various accounting services including daily account reconciliation, statements, cash flow strategies, profit and loss statements and tax advisory.

Quality and Compliance

Our team ensures adherence to industry standards and compliance with relevant rules and regulations.

Technology Integration

Our dedicated team of highly skilled artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) experts specializes in technology integration.

IT Support

Our IT Support team members offer 24/7 technical assistance in maintaining computer networks and ensuring the security of our clients’ networks and assets.

Industry-Specific Solutions

Our knowledge and capabilities are ever-growing, and so is our portfolio of clients. Discover our industry-specific solutions and results.