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Digital Transformation Webinar Series

Commit to Digitizing Your Processes

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Companies that undergo a digital transformation of their processes are better positioned to implement cloud-based digital solutions that provide visibility into everyday operations and lead to real-time informed decision-making.

Throughout this webinar series, we’ll cover several different topics regarding the digitization of processes, and identify why it is so integral in future-proofing and enhancing business efficiency.

List of Webinars

Defining Digital Transformation & How It Can Benefit You

In this session with our special guest, Scott J. Allen, Ph.D., we cover the benefits of digital transformation (regardless of industry) and provide the first steps you can take towards digitizing your processes.

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The Steps to Digitizing Your Processes

We build upon the first steps presented in our first session and present the full playlist of how to actively incorporate digital technology into your business operations, and how to make your digital transformation a success.

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Digital Transformation & Insurance

Join Mike Fieseler and Thomas Doherty, VP of Specialty Programs at NIP Group, as they explore changes the insurance industry is undergoing during the digital revolution. Find out how to automate workflows, digitize processes and leverage data to amplify your insurance business’s efficiency.

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Digital Transformation & Transportation

Learn how integrating digitization can help transportation and logistics firms in unifying systems and data, onboarding independent contractors, managing compliance and much more.

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