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Transportation Solutions

Integrated in Transportation

Welcome to EOX Vantage, your dedicated partner in transportation industry solutions.

Our actionable dashboard empowers transportation operations all in one centralized platform. With EOX Vantage, you can drive down your cost of risk per mile and boost your bottom line. We understand the unique complexities and risks you face. Our transportation dashboard provides actionable insights with Operational Intelligence (OI) to manage risk effectively and develop strategies for cost reduction. 


EOX Vantage Transportation Solutions

Accelerated Driver Hiring Process

Quickly onboard qualified and safe drivers to meet your transportation needs. Our streamlined hiring process expedites driver recruitment, allowing you to scale your operations efficiently.

Integrated Fleet Insurance Claims

Gain real-time insights into insurance claims to proactively mitigate risks. EOX Vantage integrates insurance data to provide actionable strategies for reducing risk and enhancing safety across your fleet.

Driver Training and Certification

Equip drivers with the knowledge and skills they need to excel on the road. Our training programs ensure compliance with industry regulations and track certifications to maintain a highly qualified workforce.

Manager Driver Performance Data

Empower your management team with actionable performance data. EOX Vantage provides comprehensive analytics and reporting tools, enabling managers to make informed decisions and drive operational excellence.

Driver Incentive Programs

Implement driver incentive and pay models to boost performance and retention. EOX Vantage offers customizable incentive programs to reward top-performing drivers and foster a culture of excellence.

Transportation Regulatory Compliance

Stay ahead of independent contractor regulatory issues with our compliance management tools. EOX Vantage helps you monitor regulatory changes and address compliance requirements to avoid penalties and legal risks.

Driver Insurance Management

Simplify insurance management and access insurance certificates with ease. Our platform centralizes insurance-related tasks and documentation, providing a comprehensive solution for managing insurance coverage.

Legal Playbook and Shipper Agreement Review

Navigate legal complexities with confidence using our integrated technology. EOX Vantage offers a legal playbook and guide for reviewing shipper agreements, ensuring compliance and protecting your interests.


Streamlined Operations

Optimize your transportation workflows and logistics processes for increased efficiency. With EOX Vantage, you can simplify tasks like driver onboarding and assessment, ensuring smoother operations and faster delivery times.

Cost Savings

Drive down transportation costs by identifying inefficiencies and implementing cost-saving measures. EOX Vantage provides insights into areas where expenses can be reduced, such as fuel consumption, vehicle maintenance, and insurance premiums, helping you improve profitability.

Risk Management

Mitigate transportation-related risks associated with hiring drivers and managing fleets. EOX Vantage offers tools to assess driver performance, monitor safety compliance, and track insurance costs, allowing you to proactively address potential liabilities and ensure regulatory compliance.

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