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Virtual Staffing

Maximize Business Performance with Professional Services

From simple data entry to complex specialized tasks, our team of professionals is available 24/7 to enhance your business operations.

At EOX Vantage, our team leverages our extensive expertise in various industries to assist you in every aspect of your business. From enhancing operational accuracy to optimizing financial strategies, our teams ensure all compliance and regulatory aspects are top priorities.

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Service Solutions

Financial Management

Overseeing financial transactions, invoicing, and related financial tasks to ensure the fiscal health of the organization.

Administrative Support

Undertaking back office tasks, managing documentation and executing various tasks essential for the seamless operation of the business.

Data Entry and Management

Handling extensive data volumes with precision and efficiency to guarantee accurate record-keeping and streamlined data processes.

Quality Assurance

Monitoring and certifying that services conform to established quality benchmarks through systematic audits and assessments.

Customer Service and Agency Support

Providing comprehensive assistance and resolving inquiries from clients through diverse communication channels such as phone and email.

Retail Order Management

Efficiently managing customer orders, exchanges and returns to ensure timeliness and accuracy, contributing to a seamless order processing system and elevated customer experience.

Insurance Policy Management

Team members collaborating together

EOX Vantage’s Managed Services team provides comprehensive completion and documentation of necessary but repetitive everyday back office tasks through each step in the insurance lifecycle.


Boost Efficiency

20-40% increase in efficiency and quality

Save Time

15-20% time reduction for business processes to be completed

Reduce Costs

Easily integrate and have access to all your apps in one place with the EOX system

50-70% cost savings with managed services

Multiply ROI

EOX Vantage offers general back-office support to keep you focused on more client-facing work

5x to 10x increase in return on investment

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