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Two employees look over data provided by our Enterprise Analytics Consulting Services

Enterprise Analytics Consulting Services

A team accessing data and analytics to make decisions and solve business problems

Solving Insurance Business Problems

We want to democratize the use of data and advanced analytics to solve insurance business problems. Through EOX Vantage, companies of all sizes now have access to these leading-edge tools and techniques that drive decision making based on data.

Enterprise Analytics Consulting Services

EACS uses data, advanced analytics and technology to solve business problems. We have a practitioner’s bias and believe in understanding the domain/business context of the problem rather than trying to apply “black-box” algorithms to every situation.

Executive accesses data and analytics from the Enterprise Analytics Consulting Service

Business Problems

Analytics can solve a wide range of business problems across the insurance policy life cycle – product, marketing, underwriting, pricing and claims. Examples include:

Channel profitability

Let data and our team help you understand the best ways to market, sell and distribute. We can help answer questions about the costs of your various channels, which channels are unprofitable and what activities are making them unprofitable.

Optimal Distribution Mix

Insurance distribution channels involve a number of different entities that have different roles. With data and analysis, you can better understand each entity’s place in the distribution channel.

Claims fraud models

Predictive modeling using data analytics can identify, score and prioritize possible fraud cases.

Litigation propensity

Early prediction of the likelihood of a claim going to litigation will help claim managers take action to settle the claim and improve the lifecycle management of it.

Traditional actuarial projects

  • Rate indications
  • Loss and expense reserving studies
  • Portfolio monitoring
  • Actual vs Expected studies

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