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About Us

Our Mission

EOX Vantage elevates companies to greatness by creating operational efficiencies.

Our Vision

To be a globally trusted partner in optimizing enterprise operations.

About EOX Vantage

Tailored software, AI-powered automation and specialized teams empower businesses to amplify operational efficiencies.

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What does EOX Vantage do?

We amplify operational efficiencies and give clients visibility and control by bringing different data sources together and eliminating repetitive tasks. Our technology-driven solutions empower businesses to save time, reduce errors and drive efficiency. Our tailored automation, software, and virtual staffing streamline processes to maximize productivity.

Our Solutions


Eliminate repetitive tasks and take your in-house team to the next level. We eliminate human error and add a whole new set of functionality to your operation. 


Our patented Enterprise Operating System comes standard with omnichannel communication and the ability to run a variety of applications to help your company.

Virtual Staffing

From simple data entry to complex specialized tasks, our team of professionals is available 24/7 to enhance your business operations. 


96% Implementation

Five different enterprises have used this solution, leading to 96% implementation.

98% Reduction in Response Time

The response time to customer support inquiries decreased from one hour to less than one minute with our tailored solutions.

99% Decrease in Processing Time

Processing time went from two days to five minutes with our automation solutions.

History of EOX Vantage

At EOX Vantage, our story is more than just a timeline; it’s a testament to the strength of friendship and the pursuit of greatness. Our journey began on the streets of Bangalore, India, where childhood friends Sudhir Achar and Harsha Chaturvedi bonded over cricket and shared dreams. 

2004: Founding

Sudhir Achar and Harsha Chaturvedi founded Vantage Agora, now known as EOX Vantage, in 2004. At this time, the company focused solely on managed services to enhance clients’ operations.

2007: First Office Space

By 2007, Vantage Agora had expanded its horizons, securing its first office space in Bangalore, India. Not long after, the first US office opened in 2009 in Beachwood, Ohio.

2012: Artificial Intelligence and Automation

Vantage Agora completed its first client project leveraging automation and artificial intelligence to provide technology-enabled solutions in 2012.

2015: Software Solutions

In 2015 the first technology product was launched, a proprietary software platform that transformed Vantage Agora’s approach to managed services.

EOX Vantage enhances operational efficiencies

2016: Inaugural User Conference

In 2016, Vantage Agora celebrated its first user conference, reflecting its growing influence.

2019: Rebrand to EOX Vantage

Vantage Agora was renamed EOX Vantage and our software system was named the Enterprise Operating System in a strategic rebrand. This marked a shift towards positioning the company as a software provider.

2020: Software Patent

In 2020, EOX Vantage’s software patent for dynamic, actionable dashboards was granted.

2022: Europe Expansion

EOX Vantage’s national customer base became an international customer base by acquiring their first European client, Acorn Insurance and Financial Services.

2023: Minority Business Enterprise Certified

EOX Vantage became nationally certified as a Minority Business Enterprise by the Ohio Minority Supplier Diversity Council (OMSDC), an affiliate of the National Minority Supplier Development Council, Inc.

2023: Vertafore Partnership

EOX Vantage partnered with national insurance technology leader, Vertafore, through the Orange Partner Program as a service provider.

2023: International Recognition

Insurance Business named EOX Vantage a Top Insurtech Company on their Global 5-Star Technology and Software Provider list for 2023.

Life at EOX Vantage

EOX Vantage is a fun, innovative company providing tailored software solutions and technology-enabled services. 

We are always on the look out for bright, motivated people that love taking on a challenge.  


If you’re a go-getter with skills and motivation, we want to hear more about you! Let’s get in contact. See open positions.

INTERNS: We actively recruit interns and are always on the lookout for talented individuals eager to learn and contribute to our team. If you’re interested in internship opportunities, please reach out to

Additionally, we request you review our Recruitment Fraud Alert Disclaimer and our Zero Tolerance to Sexual Harassment at EOX Vantage Policy.

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