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Effectively leverage data for your insurance business to keep processes and workflows running smoothly


Securely Launch Your Business, Processes and Customer-facing Workflows

Through digital transformation and InsurTech tools, insurance is transitioning from its old manual, face-to-face, transactional approach to a more automated and customer experience-based method of doing business.

TopInsured – Your Solution for Automating Manual Processes

Our patented TopInsured suite delivers a cloud-based platform that securely integrates your AMS with legacy systems, third-party software and our own digital solutions to help you manage the change:

  • Reduce administrative/operating costs – save tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars
  • Repurpose team members for more client-facing, revenue-generating endeavors
  • Increase efficiency – convert processes that take days to minutes
  • Enable company-wide data visibility
  • Connect all your departments and people

The EOX system lets you unite disparate data sources to gain industry-wide visibility

TopInsured Features

Maximize Efficiencies

Get the most out of all your resources! Automate to reduce errors and optimize workflows. Team members will gain time for more productive and customer-facing tasks.

  • Straight-through processing
  • RPA, AI, ML
  • Days or hours to minutes
  • Improve communication & collaboration

Monitor & Maintain Policy Lifecycle

See just where you are in the lifecycle and what needs done, via actionable visual data dashboards. Identify opportunities such as offering package policies.

  • Reduce process times
  • Gain clarity on policy activities

Enhance Customer Experience

Insureds seek seamless, quick, no-fuss interactions. Deliver on their expectations and integrate with their preferred shopping styles for satisfied policyholders who want to renew.

  • Become faster, more responsive
  • Require fewer data fill-outs
  • Self-service options
  • Speed to market

Manage Workflows & Integrations

Build competitive advantages with easy-to-use and affordable technology to better use what you already have in place and sync up with what’s coming next.

  • Integrate/optimize AMS/PMS/disparate data sources
  • Manage compliance
  • Onboarding distributors, people, policyholders

Optimize Data Usage

Integrating disparate data in real time from across the organization provides insights to help make better informed decisions. Gain visibility and control through actionable, customizable data dashboards.

  • Integrate disparate data and analytics
  • Integrate with IoT
  • Visibility, control, insights

Enterprise Analytics Consulting Services

Analytics can solve a wide range of business problems across the insurance policy life cycle – product, marketing, underwriting, pricing and claims.

  • Channel profitability & Optimal Distribution Mix
  • Identify claim frauds & early detection of large claims
  • Individual insured risk scores & pricing reviews

Business Process Outsourcing

Our team becomes your team for efficient & effective performance of essential, yet time-consuming activities. We can ensure fast, secure turnaround with Six-Sigma methodology and ISO 9001 / ISO 27001 certifications. We can perform 60+ operations plus quality review, quality checking and billing audits.

  • Save an Average of 30%+
  • 3 – 10% Policy Retention Gain
  • Increase productivity, reduce errors

Case Studies

EOX lets you dive into your data and analytics for a more productive workflow

Dive into Automation, Gain Efficient Data Collection

The EOX system can help you better access data for more informed decision making

The EOX Ensures You’re Insured with Custom Solutions

Our back-office support services allow you to focus and connect your team

Precision-Driven Back-Office Support

Webinar: Digital Transformation & Insurance

Learn how automating workflows, digitizing processes and leveraging data can amplify your insurance business’s efficiency.

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Automating processes and leveraging data can amplify your insurance business’s efficiency

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