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Woman accessing EOX Managed Services on her laptop

Managed Services

Our Managed Services gives you control to make informed decisions

Managed Services to Enhance Operations

Make our team your team for efficient and effective performance of back-office tasks.

EOX Vantage Managed Services provide business process outsourcing (BPO) to complete your daily essential, yet non-core and time-consuming activities.

We ensure fast, secure turnaround with Six-Sigma methodology and ISO 9001 / ISO 27001 certifications.

Industry-specific Services


We perform 60+ operations including quoting, claims, endorsements, rating and submissions, quality review, quality checking and billing audits for agencies, carriers, brokers and MGAs.

  • Save an Average of 30%+
  • 3 – 10% Policy Retention Gain


We help trucking companies and fleet operators with billing/settlements, compliance, contract management, dispatch assistance, fleet insurance tasks and order entry.

  • Checking with George for numbers for T&L similar to the insurance ones above

Employee performing back office support services


Enhance Your Competitive Edge

Use BPO to get your work done faster and at less cost. We tailor our support to your unique workflows, and can support peak season spikes to daily on-going requirements to help you run the business faster and more efficiently.

Process Efficiency

We focus on making processes efficient and repeatable. With our ISO certifications, domain expertise and superior knowledge of data analytics, we can analyze and suggest improvements that streamline and simplify existing processes.

Increase Revenue

Save on hiring and training expenses as well as operational / administrative costs to add more to your bottom line. Clear backlogs, reboot stalled deliverables and boost the invoicing cycle to collect payments faster.

Refocus Team Members

Empower and energize your team members by taking cumbersome duties off their hands. They can then be retrained and redirected to tackle more productive, customer-facing efforts to innovate and generate sales.

Expand Capabilities

With 24/5 and 24/7 staff available across multiple time zones globally, we can extend your operations way beyond traditional working hours and provide true around-the-clock support wherever you and your clients are.

Case Studies

Improving business operations with the EOX system will save you time and money

Optimize Shipment Accounting Processes

Our team provides you with precision-driven back-office support

Precision-Driven Back-Office Support

The Value of Remote Staffing

Outsourcing to remote staff can save 30 to 60 percent, or more of your operating costs and free up your team members to do more customer-focused, value-added, revenue-driving activities. Partner with a company like EOX Vantage, with insurance experience and expertise plus ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications, utilizing the Six Sigma methodology, as well as the latest cybersecurity technology, to speed up your turnaround times.

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