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Gain real-time insights with data from our EOX system

Enterprise Operating System

What is the Enterprise Operating System?

The Enterprise Operating System (EOX) is a suite of unified cloud-based apps to run your business, all in one secure place. It provides business intelligence and analytics and as a result allows users to enhance their business efficiency and make better informed decisions.


Robustly Leverage Your Data

Access real-time data to power decision making, gain visibility into your entire enterprise and optimize new business development.

Automate for Process Efficiency

Reduce errors, raise efficiency & effectiveness, turn daylong functions to minutes and refocus team members on more profitable efforts.

Integrate Existing Systems & Software

Reduce ‘app overload’! Launch and have access to all your apps with a single sign-on instead of flipping between log-ins every 15 minutes.

Cut Costs

Bring down your operating and administrative costs dramatically. EOX Vantage clients have enjoyed savings up to 50% on their operations.

Enhance Communication & Collaboration

Unify distributed team members and maximize the time of those back in the workplace with digital productivity and document management tools.

How It Works

We Provide Custom Solutions For Your Unique Business Needs & Integrations

Every company faces unique challenges that require equally unique, customized solutions. We will work with you to make the most of your resources, tailored to your specific needs.

  1. Our team takes care to learn your business, reviewing in detail your processes and usage cases before designing your special solution.

  2. We then develop custom apps for you based on the add-on modules of our Enterprise Operating System (EOX).

  3. We will make sure your new solutions integrate with any existing apps and systems you currently use. All solutions will produce outputs into common endpoints.

  4. Third-party or legacy software can be brought under the Enterprise Operating System (EOX) umbrella to enjoy the same security, compliance, communication/collaboration and other benefits and features of our unified product.

EOX Features

Operational Intelligence through actionable dashboards

The system pulls real-time data from disparate sources to provide visibility and control. In addition, operational intelligence through actionable dashboards helps business leaders make better informed decisions. This unified approach provides a single source of truth and eliminates data silos. The result is a system that promotes data access and share-ability throughout the business.

Integrated Communication & Project Task Management

Unify your communication and collaboration tools to help staffs work more efficiently, productively and remotely. Empower leaders and their teams to prioritize and manage project tasks and execute projects to completion, all while staying connected!


In today’s hyper-connected world, people receive extra motivation and validation through social media-style awareness and virtual recognition. Bring that same concept into the workplace for an enjoyable path to productivity! Gamification motivates employees, enhances productivity and adds value to the company while supporting corporate achievements and strategy.

Executive Dashboards

With the EOX’s Executive Dashboard, your C-suite executives can use visual analytics to effortlessly oversee teams. They can track business plans, financial performance and compliance in one convenient place. As a result, tracking without lengthy status reports or unnecessary meetings. Easily stay on top of your team’s Key Results Areas (KRAs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) at all times, with real-time data.

Dynamic Organizational Charts

These charts help to manage compliance and maintain your company’s structure with ease. They provide visibility into the roles and responsibilities of everyone in the company. Executives can drill down level-by-level for a detailed view of contact information and company structure.

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